A Million Happy Nows

Saturday October 14th 2017, 7:15 pm

The Classic Gateway Theatre
1820 E Sunrise Blvd. Fort Lauderdale 33304

Runtime: 80 minutes

Language: English

Director: Albert Alarr

Country: USA, 2016

Genre: Drama, Lesbian, Romance, Slice of Life

A veteran soap opera star who is tired of being sidelined for younger talent, who also is finding it harder to memorize her script lines, decides not to renew her contract. She and her publicist/partner retire to a beach house. When a doctor’s visit reveals early onset Alzheimer’s, the couple’s relationship will be strained until they find the strength to redefine themselves and what they mean to one another.

Best Narrative Feature, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress - Film Out (San Diego)
Audience Award Best Narrative Feature - Outfest (Los Angeles)


Director: Dan Pal, USA, 2016, 10 mins .

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